University of Kentucky Income Tax Seminar Program
University of Kentucky Income Tax Seminar Program

Online Webinar Information

Online Webinar Information

Online Webinar Information

Zoom webinar tips for the 2023 UK Income Tax Seminar

Questions and Answers (Q&As)

A webinar is a training session conducted over the internet. You’ll connect to the class from the computer and can interact with the presenters by typing questions and messages. You’ll see live video of the presenters and the presentation slides. UK Income Tax Seminars are conducted using ZOOM WEBINAR online meeting software.  After registering for a seminar, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your registration, as well as a webinar confirmation email with your login links and instructions.

In order to guarantee workbook delivery in time for the online sessions, you must register by the early registration deadline. Registrations will be accepted after that date, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive your printed book in time for your online classes. This book is copyrighted by the Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation so you may not copy it or share it with others. We cannot ship to PO Boxes. You must provide a street address for shipment.

To comply with IRS requirements, attendance will be tracked by asking polling questions at regular and frequent intervals throughout each session. The polling question will appear on your screen and you select a response. Failure to answer polling questions will result in loss of CE credit for portions of the course.

Certificates of attendance will be emailed or mailed within 20 days of the conclusion of the seminars. Credit will be based on actual time in attendance, based on login/logout information and participation in polling questions.  You will be required to select which type of continuing education credits you are seeking when you register.  If you are seeking Insurance Continuing Education, you must know your KYDOI # or NPN # at the time of registration. If you are seeking IRS CPE credits, you must know your PTIN number at the time of registration. PLEASE list your name exactly as it is listed on your PTIN information.

Multiple participants may not “share” one login/password. Each webinar participant MUST register for the Income Tax Seminar. ONLY the individual tied to the login/password information will receive CE credits.  

Yes! The KY Department of Revenue update and Corporate Transparency Act downloads are available to download on our Seminar Materials page. Click here to access.

Tips and Etiquette

  • If possible, plug directly into router at home for an Ethernet connection. If using WiFi (majority of users), limit the number of connected devices to WiFi during the Zoom meeting time.


  • Use a headset, if you have one, to provide improved audio quality.
  • Have your computer ready and close all unnecessary applications on device.
  • When using a computer, silence mobile devices to prevent interruption.
  • Access ZOOM meeting by clicking on link provided in email invitation.
  • In popup window, click “Join with computer audio” button.
  • Once entering the meeting, you will need to manage your audio
  • If not using a headset, make sure you are in a quiet location.
  • Computers have multiple audio devices. To select the correct microphone or speaker, click the up arrow next to the microphone icon. If in doubt, choose “Same as System”.
  • If you are using an iOS or Android device, you may need to tap on the screen for the controls to appear at the bottom.
  • Use chat to communicate with the facilitator/moderator of the meeting and/or other participants.
  • Messages sent to default go to “everyone”. To send a private chat, you must select the name of the recipient.
  • If you want to speak, but not interrupt the current speaker, click “Raise Hand” to signal to the facilitator/moderator that you have a comment.
  • Keep your microphone muted.
  • Become familiar with muting and unmuting your mic.
  • Keep background noises to a minimum, such as typing, shuffling papers, turning pages, pets, and side conversations. Background noises will be picked up and amplified by Zoom as well as cut off the presenter.
  • They can’t hear me – You could be muted or could be having issues with the meeting.
  • I can’t hear anyone – Your computer system volume can be low or muted.
  • I can’t see the shared screen presentation – The meeting host might not have a presentation to share yet. If you are concerned you are not seeing shared content, then check in verbally with your facilitator/moderator.
  • I don’t see anyone in the meeting. Am I in the right meeting? – Check to make sure you are using the correct Zoom meeting link. Check ‘participants’ icon to see if other participants have joined. You may just be early.

Contact Information

Trish Murphy
Program Coordinator

308 C.E. Barnhart Building Lexington, KY 40546-0276

+1 (859) 218-5112